Getting a Head

victor's story

Early Fall Start helps new students get ahead of the pack and make a smooth transition to life at the University of Washington. With EFS, incoming first-year students like Victor Gill can enroll in a UW course about a month before the start of autumn quarter.

As a Seattle native and the son of a University of Washington professor, Victor Gill was comfortable on the UW campus. But even he knew that Early Fall Start could help him ease into his first year at the UW. 

"I wanted to be able to get that easy swing into college," Victor said. "It's only one class over four weeks to help readjust, and it sounded like a great way to get some extra credits out of the way without overloading my schedule during the year." 

Victor signed up for the popular CSI: Seattle class, which provides students an opportunity to study forensic science through solving a fictional case — and helps students like Victor make lasting social connections before fall term has started. 

"I'm very reserved at times," Victor said. "But Early Fall Start helped me make friends so that if I ever felt feel a little overwhelmed, I have people I can go to."