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As one of the state’s largest employers, the University of Washington offers career opportunities in every field imaginable. Plus, UW benefits and other resources make it possible for you to grow both professionally and personally. 

UW Continuum College expands the reach of the University of Washington by delivering educational programs that meet the needs of learners at all phases of their lives. We’re focused on removing obstacles to relevant educational opportunities by addressing geographic, financial, length of commitment, and time constraints, increasing access to knowledge for more people. As a diverse community that values inclusivity and collaboration, we foster a respectful, supportive workplace where innovation comes to life. By looking ahead and experimenting with new approaches, we’re creating new educational opportunities to help people thrive in a world of change.

Think you’d fit in at UW Continuum College? Join us!

Open Staff Positions

Payroll Specialist

Program Administrator

If you have a question about a staff role, email our recruiter, Rozina, directly at

Open Academic Positions

In addition to staff roles, we also have openings for instructors, instructional assistants and course developers on our instructional teams. Check out our open academic positions

If you have a question about an academic role, please send your message to

Our Commitment to you

At Continuum, we're dedicated to attracting and retaining a diverse staff, and we will honor your experiences, perspectives and unique identity. Together, we'll create and maintain a culture that is inclusive, equitable and welcoming, both at work and in class. Join us!


“Helping someone enroll in one of my programs and, in a few short months, watching that same person successfully put those newly acquired skills to use in getting that promotion or finding that new job is what gets me out of the bed in the morning.”

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