Let the Possibilities


Continuum College expands the University of Washington’s educational impact by meeting the needs of learners wherever they are in life — and wherever they intend to go.

We break down barriers for learners looking to advance their lives by creating pathways to education that work around their lives. By adapting how we learn and what we teach, Continuum makes it possible for anyone to access the knowledge they need through the University of Washington to have a greater impact in the world.

We provide paths to job skills and career development opportunities that positively impact our communities and help turn possibility into reality. Whatever you’ve set out to accomplish, from advancing your career to learning something new, there’s a plan, a place and a path for you.

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Our Programs

We provide relevant educational programs for today‚Äôs world, offering programs that serve learners from age 7 to 87. Whether in person or online, our programs meet the wide-ranging needs of the new traditional, nontraditional learner. 

In addition to offering top-notch programs for working professionals, UW Continuum College has a tremendous role to play in the equation where people do not have access to higher education. Together with our partners we can solve this challenge through the programs we offer to our region, state, nation and world. 

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Our Partnerships

We use our unique structure and expertise to work as a collaborative force in developing and delivering relevant programs for today’s world. 

Through our leadership of ideas and knowledge, we meet the wide-ranging needs of learners at every stage in their educational careers. Whether we’re partnering with another unit on campus to expand their reach with a new certificate or degree program or working with an industry partner to offer unique learning opportunities for their employees, we’re always on the lookout for how to make an impact. 

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