Imagine living to one hundred years or more! Thanks to technological advances, a 25-year-old living in the United States today is likely to do just that. Sustaining this extended lifespan presents all kinds of challenges — and compelling opportunities.

Younger generations will have to “re-boot” professionally every few years. What will it mean to support and sustain multiple livelihoods? What tools do we need to see the disruptions that are coming, and what resources are out there to help us adapt? It’s time to reimagine what we mean by “career.”

In each episode of Learn/Earn/Relearn, University of Washington Continuum College Vice Provost Rovy Branon and UW Communication Leadership Co-Founder Hanson Hosein explore with national experts the essential skills, credentials, and vocational credibility necessary to thrive throughout a longer life.

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Episode 2: Tech, AI, and the Speed of Change

Can we hack our biology for longer lives or instantaneous access to information? Will your kid need a flyer’s license in addition to (or instead of) a driver’s license? And on a somewhat more serious note, should we fear that AI is coming for all our jobs? In this episode, Rovy Branon and Hanson Hosein discuss these ideas and more with guests Elizabeth Scallon and Kence Anderson.

episode 2 with Elizabeth Scallon and Kence Anderson

Episode 1: (Re)Skills Lab — Andrew Scott & The 100-Year Life

In this episode, UW’s Rovy Branon and Hanson Hosein speak with longevity expert Andrew Scott about the changes and the opportunities this new reality presents. His ground-breaking work on longevity, economics, and the value and effect technology and longevity combined will have on the wider society, is shaped by his professional connections to academia, industry, social pioneers and policymakers around the world.

episode 1 Andrew Scott