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ben's story

Continuum College helps its partners think creatively and innovatively to develop undergraduate programs to fit their goals and needs, without state funding, so students like Ben Arnold can find options to help strengthen their credentials.

During his first college stint, in California, Ben Arnold often felt adrift — one of the reasons he didn't feel like higher education was a good fit. 

"I felt like a number," Ben said, "and I was lost in the shuffle." 

After moving to Seattle, Ben was managing a call center but wanted to finish his degree to show his three children the importance of education. To do that, Ben needed a flexible program that fit his busy schedule — which was exactly what he found in the Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences

"What I liked about the program was the broad spectrum and that you could fine-tune it to suit your needs," Ben said. "The online offerings allowed me the flexibility that I needed in order to get my degree." 

Now, Ben is the office manager for a nonprofit that treats cancer patients, a job he couldn't have landed without a bachelor's degree. 

"I've got a degree that can be tweaked to fit a variety of fields," he said, "and I landed a job that I couldn't be happier with."