A career to match their

al's story

Noncredit certificate programs offer the perfect mix of quality instruction, relevant educational content and a level of commitment that works for students like Al Smith at any point of their professional lives.

When Al Smith moved to Seattle in 2012, they had a creative writing degree and a passion for words but lacked professional experience and a local network. 

"I couldn't find my way into the industry," Al said. "I wanted to do something with writing, but I didn't seem to have the background that people were looking for — or the connections." 

Though Al valued the mission of the nonprofit where they did administrative work, it wasn't the job that Al ultimately wanted. The UW Certificate in Editing allowed Al to expand their professional horizons and become a grant writer and communications coordinator with the organization. 

"I think pursuing a professional certificate demonstrated to the leadership in my organization that I am motivated, skilled and interested in honing my craft," Al said.