Our History

A century of continuum

From delivering correspondence courses by motorcycle to giving people who otherwise couldn’t afford it the chance to enroll in professional development opportunities, UW Continuum College has grown and evolved for more than 100 years, passing many milestones along the way. Explore Continuum’s decades of history and learn how we’ve become a bridge to education for our community. 

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Introducing Interactive Web Services 

As technological change has sped forward, educational offerings have kept up. In 2000, interactive web services began. The following year, UW Extension introduced 12 free online courses to the public, with topics ranging from HTML to Shakespeare. 

In 2008, UW Extension took on a new name for a new decade, becoming UW Professional & Continuing Education (UWPCE), which is housed under the umbrella of UW Educational Outreach (UWEO). Evolving industry needs led to the development of new certificate programs, such as the introduction of iPhone Development in 2009 and Social Media Technologies and Implementation a year later. The number of students served by UWEO continued to rise throughout the recession, proof that keeping job skills current is vital no matter the economic climate.