Our History

A century of continuum

From delivering correspondence courses by motorcycle to giving people who otherwise couldn’t afford it the chance to enroll in professional development opportunities, UW Continuum College has grown and evolved for more than 100 years, passing many milestones along the way. Explore Continuum’s decades of history and learn how we’ve become a bridge to education for our community. 

student works on laptop 1990s

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Keeping Up With the Information Age 

The emergence of personal computers in the 1980s sparked a revolution in how students could access, store, analyze and share information. In 1990, UW Extension added computer diskettes to the battery of supplementary learning materials used for distance learning. By 1994, students were corresponding with instructors and classmates via email and by 1998, courses started being delivered online. 
Certificate programs were one of the strongest growth areas in the 90s, reflecting the revolution underway in information technology. By decade’s end, certificates included Web Content Development, Small Business Webmaster, Web Administration, E-Commerce and Web Marketing, and Web Database and E-Commerce Programming.