Our History

A century of continuum

From delivering correspondence courses by motorcycle to giving people who otherwise couldn’t afford it the chance to enroll in professional development opportunities, UW Continuum College has grown and evolved for more than 100 years, passing many milestones along the way. Explore Continuum’s decades of history and learn how we’ve become a bridge to education for our community. 

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Continuing Education Comes of Age in Turbulent Times 

Life in the 1960s began with hope and ended in volatility and an economic downturn. But despite the recession, the UW and Extension Services continued to expand. The department became the home for new programs, like Peace Corps training, added in 1962. The organization also reflected and responded to broader social trends, including the changing roles of women and the civil rights movement. 

Additionally, this period produced growing liberal arts discourse from a philosophical angle. Lectures such as Foundations of Constitutional Liberty Today and The Quest for Utopia in Philosophy and Literature illustrated this new direction.