SERVICEs + marketing Add-on PACKAGE options

Standalone certificates consist of a series of courses around a common theme which do not share courses with a fee-based degree.

Continuum College charges a flat rate for each standalone certificate to support the minimum required services for managing fee-based programs. Included services are listed below.

Included Services

Partner Success
One primary point of contact at Continuum to ensure service and support needs are met.
Annually assist program leadership in selecting service options for their standalone certificates.
Ensure annual agreements for service level options are completed and approved by program leadership for each program.
Provide consultation and evaluation for new program development.

Course Management and Fee-Based Student Database
Monitor and process course enrollment, deposits and forfeitures.
Track and adjust admissions records for exceptions and deferrals.
Collect and maintain accurate course inventory in EOS (Continuum student database).
Move students between course sections as appropriate.
Apply student financial aid payments to student accounts.
Time schedule construction and room reservations.
Instructional cost sharing calculations (aka, de minimis).

Financial Analysis and Reporting
Complete multi-year budget projections for launch of new programs.
Provide strategic recommendations for improving program health and meeting program goals.

Budgeting and Fees
Collection support services, refunds and petitions.
Cash receipts transferred to designated school or college.
Publish a rate sheet and provide a budget template for use by academic department.
Participate in autumn quarter budget planning discussions; assist in creating program budget and offer recommendations for program sustainability.
Communicate enrollment or budget concerns early; help re-budget as needed.
Process guest speaker payments.

Registration and Student Services
Use of fee-based student database and registration system.
Registration and support of GNM (graduate nonmatriculated) students.
Use of online student payment portal.
Connect students with program advising and student services units, (e.g., Student Financial Aid, Office of Student Veteran Life, etc.).
Address basic student questions on UW and Continuum services and fees.

Marketing Services

You can also choose from two marketing add-on options: full-service marketing or search marketing.

Marketing & Market Research
ACTIVITYStandalone ServicesFull-Service Marketing Add-OnSearch Marketing Add-On
Certificate included in PCE catalog.XXX
Certificate listed on PCE website (bridge page linking to page on department site).X(full page on PCE, rather than just a bridge page)X
Full certificate page, with program details, course descriptions, admission requirements, etc. on the degree website. X 
Program-specific search advertising. XX
Email subscription management. X 
Info session RSVP management (not available for in-person events). X 
Recruitment and enrollment coaching. X 
Personalized automated admissions and registration communications. X 
Preliminary application screening for minimum requirements as defined by partner. X 

Online and Hybrid Learning Add-On Services

Explore our Learning Experience Services to create a high-quality online learning environment to increase students’ knowledge and acquisition of core competencies. 

Fees for fy24

UW central overheadRate charged for recovery of campus expenses.6.85% (online and off campus)
15.6% (campus)
Continuum standalone certificate rateSystems and services required for Continuum standalone certificate programs to operate.$20,000 per certificate program.

Flexible Options
Search marketing add-onAdd search marketing.Minimum media spend of $10,000 plus a 20% ad spend administrative fee.
Full-service marketing add-onFully supported marketing.$12,000 + (optional) media spend.

For detailed pricing, please see the partner programs pricing sheet.

Evaluate choices annually 

Each year you can review your program service level options. You must make decisions each October to inform budgeting and marketing strategy for the following fiscal year.