Service AND Financial Model

WHy A FEE Model?

UW Continuum College's service and financial model for fee-based degrees is based on partner feedback and ensures the long-term sustainability of the program portfolio.

To give our campus partners choice and flexibility in managing their self-sustaining programs, we’ve unbundled our services. For the first time, you can run fee-based degrees using our core services, adding other services as needed. This model puts more decision-making power in the hands of our campus partners.

The Benefits of a Percentage of Gross Revenue Model

  • Reflects best practices of peer universities for administering self-sustaining programs
  • Allows for consistency with the way UW overhead is assessed on self-sustaining programs
  • Promotes the fiscal sustainability of the current diverse portfolio
  • Makes program costs more equitable since fees are proportional to program revenue
  • Forecasting finances will be more predictable, making it easier to plan
  • Enables lower fees in the early years while new programs are launching
  • Adapts to the future capabilities of the university

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