use Alumni feedback to enhance your program

If you want to understand program outcomes, discover the best communication channels to reach students or identify barriers to enrollment and student retention, the students who have completed your program often have the most valuable insights.

Surveying your program's alumni can serve multiple programmatic and marketing purposes, such as gathering information on your program, alumni relationships and recruitment. You’ll also be able to use their feedback to examine how your program helps students’ professional or career goals when they apply learnings to a specific job.

How We Work

With program alumni follow-up research, our market research consultants cross-check the contact information of our alumni with the UW Advancement database. We then use the survey tool Qualtrics to collect alumni feedback on learning outcomes. Afterward, we’ll share the results to help you find solutions to a single focused objective or multiple goals in recruitment, marketing, student services and programmatic change.

What's Included

  • Quantitative data collection through online surveys
  • Cutting-edge survey tool Qualtrics
  • Contact with alumni selected from a specific time period
  • Program-specific feedback related to recruitment strategy change, content revision, alumni community building and concept testing for new ideas
  • Insights on alumni job outcomes, including their employer, job title, salary and more

Recommended Frequency of Service

Once every two years.