Get Advice on creating a sustainable program

Are you looking to build a new program? Or do you want to improve upon an existing one? Our team of market research professionals can help by providing support and advice on creating a sustainable and state-of-the-art program with a professional-level peer program assessment and competitive intelligence report.

How We Work

With a peer program assessment report, our market research consultants can offer your department insights on student preferences, peer program information, marketing tactics and industry benchmarks to inform programmatic and curricular content design and improvement. We’ll also collaborate with our in-house learning experience team to assess and recommend the best way to structure and offer your program based on the programs peer universities are offering.

What's Included

  • Assessment of market demand where peer programs exist and align jobs, industry, and labor market trends and demands with peer programmatic offerings
  • Insights on aspects of the program, including:
    • Program content, overall quality assessment, instructional strength and outcomes
    • Student preferences
    • Peer program information
    • Marketing tactics
    • Industry benchmarks
  • Analysis of Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and/or Pearson’s data when available to assess demands, which is measured by peer enrollments and degree conferment data
  • Comparison of curricular and cost information of available peer programs and tracks
  • Recommendations on the best method of program delivery from Continuum’s learning design professionals

Recommended Frequency of Service

Tailored to your needs.