Mitigate risks before LAunching your program

In many cases, running a market need assessment study is helpful before launching a newly proposed program. By directly connecting with prospective students, you can mitigate risks such as unknown barriers to application, unique marketing challenges and the preferred timing to launch the program. Conducting a new program pre-launch market assessment study will also help gather information that’s essential for future marketing, programmatic, operational and financial decisions.

How We Work

Our expert research consultants will meet with you to discuss overall research goals and specific business questions to include in the study. Additionally, we’ll discuss and develop appropriate tools or methods to engage research participants, including prospective students, alumni or industry leads.

This research will provide your department with insights on the level of interest in the program, the best marketing channels to use, brand awareness and recognition, program viability, program format and launch timing, competitive information and demographics of potential applicants that are critical for marketing your program before launch.

What's Included

  • Meeting with department representatives to discuss the project background and setup
  • Quantitative and/or qualitative data collection, such as online surveys, focus groups and Zoom interviews
  • Study design and questionnaire development, online survey or focus group design
  • Data analytics and reporting

Recommended Frequency of Service

The Market Research team suggests partners check in quarterly to solicit new program development initiatives and prepare marketing and market research for upcoming projects.