Gain insights to improve your program

Are you interested in assessing your students’ reaction to proposed programmatic changes and examining the health and performance of existing programs? Or are you considering ways to improve KPIs and student satisfaction metrics or measuring program and course outcomes? Collaborate with a professional market research consultant to develop a study tailored to your program.

How We Work

Using a mix of quantitative and qualitative research methods, our consultants will collect feedback from students, alumni, instructors or industrial experts. This research will provide your department with insights into the content, overall quality, instructional strength and outcome of the program, marketing and recruitment efforts, and the reputation of the program, faculty, staff and UW brand.

What's Included

  • Quantitative data collection, such as online surveys
  • Qualitative survey methods, such as Zoom interviews or focus groups
  • Perspectives from students, alumni, instructors or industrial experts
  • Insights on aspects of the program, including:
    • Program content, overall quality assessment, instructional strength and outcomes
    • Program, faculty, staff and UW brand reputation
    • Marketing and recruitment

Recommended Frequency of Service

Once in the first three years following program launch, repeat every two to five years afterward.