Ensure your course Runs smoothly

Is your course ready for prime time? Can students access forums and assignments? Our support team is here to help ensure your course is student-ready and fully functional when it begins and remains that way throughout the quarter.

How We Work

Before each program offering, our production team will review your course to ensure it is up-to-date and links and media work as intended. Our learning technology team will also install any additional technology needed and provide training on how to use it. 

What’s more, we offer one-on-one coaching for faculty and TAs on how to use UW-supported learning technology tools to teach effectively online. Additionally, if you or your students encounter a technical problem during the course, our dedicated helpdesk is available to troubleshoot any issues with Canvas and other learning technologies.

What's included

  • Hosting your courses on Canvas
  • Setting up your Canvas courses
    • Importing content into a new course shell based on a source of your choice
    • Providing course templates that instructors can use as a starting point for building their courses
  • Creating sandbox courses for instructors to draft and experiment with new content
  • Identifying out-of-date content and unnecessary files
  • Conducting quality assurance on the course and its setup
    • Confirming videos and tools function correctly
    • Detecting broken links
    • Correcting typos and formatting errors
  • Providing support for Canvas and other learning technologies to instructors and students for the duration of the course’s run
    • Implementing and supporting Integrated Learning Technologies
    • Responding to help tickets from instructors, students and instructional staff
    • Coaching instructors and TAs on skills and strategies for teaching online