COVID-19 FAQ for Campus Partners

What support can UWC2 offer to help us with remote teaching?  

The Center for Teaching and Learning, Continuum College, and Learning Technologies provide a range of resources for remote teaching. Please visit the links below to explore resources. 

Can I modify the University and UWC2 fees charged to my program budget for spring quarter because of remote teaching?  

We recognize that the COVID-19 public health crisis and the move to remote instruction has led some of you to consider modifying your FY20 budget. As you know, the provost’s office has stated that student tuition and required fees, such as University overhead, for spring quarter 2020 are not changing. (

In alignment with the University, UWCis unable to amend FY20 budgets for fee-based degrees and certificate programs. Continuum College fees allow us to maintain continuity and infrastructure to our fee-based degree portfolio over time. If you have questions or concerns about your 2019-2020 budget, please reach out to your program manager. 

What guidance is International Student Services (ISS) issuing regarding international students, current or future?   

Given that information can change quickly, we recommend that programs with both current and future F1/J1 international students, should consult International Student Services for the latest information

The Graduate School can also provide guidance and information regarding international students. 

We are considering increasing our online learning options for Fall 2020, what are next steps? 

The provost has not yet provided guidance for fall 2020 instruction. That said, we realize your program may consider expanding online learning options for the 2020-2021 academic year. Your program manager is available to help you plan and discuss details for online learning options. Here are some questions and considerations as you plan for expanded online learning: 

  • Think carefully about your student audience and their learning needs.
  • What are your curricular and programmatic goals? 
  • Are you considering moving some or all courses to some form of online format for fall?   
  • What is your timeline for launching fully online courses? 
  • Who will spearhead this work in your program/department? 

Can I extend application deadlines for Fall 2020?   

Absolutely! The Graduate School has advised that departments adopt flexibility with admission deadlines. We defer to you, the academic department, to determine the admissions deadlines that are most appropriate for your program. If you’re interested in changing your application deadline, please contact your program manager to discuss details. They will also bring your marketing manager into the conversation to update communications materials. The Graduate School should also be informed of any changes. 

What should we do if we think that enrollments for the 2020-2021 academic year may be lower than planned because of COVID-19? 

We recognize the potential for COVID-19 to impact enrollment for Fall 2020. If you have questions or concerns regarding your enrollment, please reach out to your program manager to discuss some potential strategies to reduce the impact. Several campus programs have been brainstorming and implementing creative strategies to maintain or increase enrollments. We’re happy to share these strategies with you and connect you with these campus partners. 

What should I do if I have questions about my program budget(s) for the 2021 academic year (fall quarter)? 

The rapidly changing environment has caused concern regarding budget forecast made before the full impact of COVID-19 public health crisis was known. We’re currently reviewing budgets for the 2021 academic year to assess potential impacts as a result of COVID-19. We will reach out over the next couple months to work together to discuss your budget forecast and make any necessary changes. Please contact your program manager if you have specific questions or concerns regarding your budget forecast for AY2021. 

Whom should I contact at UWC2  to answer my other questions?  

Your program manager is the best point of contact because they know the intricacies of your degree. However, we have additional staff available to answer questions: 

Learn more about how the University of Washington is responding to the COVID-19 virus: