Windermere boosts UW continuing education scholarship program

Gifts from the Windermere Foundation make UW certificate programs accessible for adult learners

Sometimes the only thing keeping motivated people from taking the next step in their career isn't opportunity or desire; it's money. For 16 Washington residents, generous donors are helping to eliminate that roadblock. The donations are funding the University of Washington Certificate Scholarship for programs beginning this fall. That's an increase from 2018 when 12 people were awarded scholarships.

A $21,000 donation from the Windermere Foundation and over 100 individual donors helps adult learners enroll in courses in some of the most in-demand skill areas: data analytics, digital marketing, editing, front-end development, fundraising management, human resources and project management.

Among this year’s recipients is Jak, a self-taught developer with two years of coding and digital design experience. To support his family of four, Jak is determined to move beyond freelance project work and into a more stable job. He says this scholarship for a UW tech certificate program will help him make the next step. “With this scholarship, I have the opportunity to follow my dreams and make my family proud," he said.

“At Windermere, we believe in helping families build secure lives,” said Christine Wood, executive director of the Windermere Foundation. “We know that education and lifelong learning are critical to job security — especially for working adults supporting families. We’re inspired by the work ethic of Washingtonians like Jak, and we’re proud to partner with the University of Washington to increase access to professional certificate programs that will help him support his family.”

For the third year running, the UW Certificate Scholarship is available for Washington residents demonstrating financial need. Each award covers 80% of course fees.

“One of Continuum College’s goals is to create access to the high-quality education they deserve,” said Rovy Branon, vice provost, UW Continuum College. “We are honored that Windermere shares that vision and are helping us make it a reality for working adults who are eager to develop the skills they need to advance.”

Learn more about the difference this scholarship makes in the lives of students by hearing the stories of last year’s class.


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