Meet Cassady Glass Hastings, our new Senior Director for Academic Partnerships. Cassady brings 15 years of experience at the UW and will work with program managers to creatively strategize about how to strengthen our campus-partner relationships.

Cassady Glass Hastings has been named Continuum College’s newest director — the Senior Director of Academic Partnerships — to bolster the organization’s partnerships with its academic partners. 

The position was created to “lead our academic partnerships team in continuing to excel at the work we currently do to support self-sustaining degrees and certificate programs, and in creatively strategizing about how to strengthen our campus-partner relationships in the future,” said Sandi Janusch, Assistant Vice Provost of International & Academic Programs. 

Glass Hastings, who began her new position on Jan. 13, comes to Continuum College “with a rich background in forging positive relationships and strong partnerships across the UW campus,” Janusch said. 

In nearly 15 years at the UW, Glass Hastings has been a full-time lecturer, a co-creator of both an undergraduate and graduate degree at the College of Education and has led complex, university-wide projects for Academic Affairs as a strategic advisor. 

“I’m really excited to be here,” Glass Hastings said. “It’s clear that everyone really cares and everyone’s working hard. There’s nothing better than coming into a new organization and seeing that type of dedication and effort.” 

As Continuum College’s portfolio of certificates and self-sustaining degrees has grown, it’s important to ensure that each degree and program remains financially sustainable and maximizes its capacity — an initiative that requires strong partnerships with campus partners, Janusch said. 

“We have a real desire to better capitalize on Continuum College’s many capabilities to support academic departments, schools and colleges to launch new and innovative programming, as well as support existing programs,” Janusch said. “Higher education has changed so much over the last 10 years, and we want to support our campus partners in thinking through and adapting to this dynamic environment. Cassady will be at the forefront of working with campus partners to imagine and implement new ideas.”

As Senior Director for Academic Partnerships, Cassady will work with and empower program managers to ensure that UWC2 and its campus partners are working together as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

“By understanding how the different self-sustaining programs, colleges and departments operate, I can create a strategy for how to mentor and coach our directors and program managers to create even better relationships and stronger programs,” Glass Hastings said. 

Glass Hastings is eager to collaborate with the rest of the partnership team, the program managers and campus partners to help Continuum College continue to serve students across the entire 60-Year Curriculum.  

“I think partnership work is a team sport,” she said. “I know that I’ve been hired to lead some of this effort, but I see this as collaborative work. My goal is that everyone from UWC2 who interacts with partners lives and breathes and espouses the same values and goals — that we all work from a set of shared principles and practices.”