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scholarship program for UW certificate students

Motivated by our belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to keep learning and advance their careers through education, we’ve launched the UWPCE Certificate Scholarship program for Washington state residents.

We’re excited to offer this scholarship through UW Professional & Continuing Education, which offers 100 certificates programs, as a way to help people overcome financial barriers and enjoy the benefits of a UW education.

“Our world is changing and education is changing as well,” as our vice provost Rovy Branon aptly puts it. “We are excited to kick-off this new initiative by awarding 10 income-based scholarships for select certificate programs starting this fall.”

Increasing Opportunities and Access

In the face of new technologies, shifting job roles and changing industry demands, today’s professionals need to stay current, upgrading their skills and adding new ones to keep up with the latest developments. That’s where continuing education comes in, acting as a route to new and necessary knowledge and the opportunities it affords.

“Continual learning has never been more critical to people’s professional success,” explains Branon. “Our new scholarship program helps ensure that adult learners who struggle to afford more education have access to opportunities that can boost their careers and improve their lives.”

Delivering In-Demand Skills

By providing scholarships that give access to education that helps advance our students’ professional success, we don’t just help them — we build a better-educated workforce and stronger community for us all.

Rovy Branon, Vice Provost, UW Continuum College
We’re offering scholarships for five of our UW certificate programs this year. These programs — offered in Seattle, Bellevue and online — were selected for their relevance to today’s workplace needs.

Scholarship-Eligible Programs

Scholarships will be awarded based on financial need and potential for career impact. Only Washington state residents can apply. For more information, including eligibility requirements, visit the UWPCE site to read all the details about the UWPCE Certificate Scholarship.

Breaking Down Barriers to Success

UW certificate programs prepare thousands of freshly trained employees for in-demand pathway jobs — positions that require more knowledge and expertise than entry-level jobs and are often a key step on the road to long-lasting leadership roles.

As Branon explains, “By providing scholarships that give access to education that helps advance our students’ professional success, we don’t just help them — we build a better-educated workforce and stronger community for us all.”

Rovy Branon Elizabeth Kennedy Risa de Gorgue

Vice Provost Rovy Branon, certificate grad Elizabeth Kennedy and Senior Director of Marketing & Enrollment Services Risa de Gorgue (left to right)

This is definitely the case for UW certificate grad Elizabeth Kennedy. She credits continuing education at the UW for helping her get back on track after she acquired a disability that negatively impacted her career development for years.

“Disability is the one demographic that any of us can fall into at any time,” says Kennedy. “By the time my health started to improve, I’d been left behind in terms of my skills.”

So she decided to boost her career by completing several professional certificates at the UW — including programs in human resources management, nonprofit management and project management. Today, she uses what she learned to help create opportunities for others in underserved communities.

Kennedy’s current project? Developing a triathlon training program for low-income athletes. She’s also part of a mobile computer lab initiative, which provides access to technology and digital literacy skills for residents of nine Seattle public housing communities.

“Education unlocked my potential to pursue meaningful work,” Kennedy says. “I want others to have this experience too.”

Be Part of the Difference

Want to help support continuing education? You or your business can now donate to the scholarship fund. Contributions will help grow the scholarship program, meaning more opportunity for more students down the road.

“Gifts to our new scholarship program can make a real difference for adult learners who are trying to shape better futures for themselves and their families,” says Branon. “Some of these students struggle to afford the full cost of a UW certificate, which can be as much as $4,000.”

Branon adds, “With the support of our certificate alumni, employers, staff and community members, we hope to roll out scholarships more broadly across our certificate portfolio, to give even greater access to high-demand career skills.”

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