We want to hear from youTime for the
TAP Survey

Here at Continuum College, we are committed to continuous improvement so that together we can provide a leading-edge student experience — and to do that, we need feedback from you.

The University of Washington’s Transforming Administration Program (TAP) survey is a continuous process improvement initiative implemented to enhance the culture of service in the UW’s central administration units. The survey covers 80 services provided by administrative units across campus —including Continuum College — and will be available to faculty and staff across the University on January 28. 

The TAP survey is conducted every two years, and, since the 2017 survey, Continuum College has worked hard to improve communication with our campus partners — implementing campus workshops, releasing a quarterly newsletter, creating an advisory board — and the 2019 survey is an important part of that ongoing dialogue. We’d also like to improve our response rate from 2017, and we need your help to do it. With more responses, we can gain a fuller picture of our value and work with fee-based programs to make sure that we’re listening and using feedback to continually improve.

The TAP survey is only one quality measurement that we use at Continuum College, but it is a key measure of our collective work. If you partner with us in any of the service categories covered by the TAP survey, please participate — and ensure that we can continue to provide quality education for all.

Keep your eyes on your inbox for the TAP Survey and please participate. Thanks!