Career Accelerator Earns Accolades


At UW Continuum College, we’re in the business of breaking down barriers to education — because we believe everyone deserves education to thrive. With that in mind, we put together a team in 2016 focused on expanding access to our most popular certificate programs offered through UW Professional & Continuing Education.

In fall 2017, we launched the Career Accelerator program.

Career Accelerator offers new flexible learning formats for five certificate programs that help students build some of the most in-demand skillsets across industries. The new formats are designed for working professionals, so students don’t have to rearrange their lives to get the skills they need.

Now, we’re pleased to share, the Career Accelerator program has garnered outside recognition, as well.


This year, UPCEA — the association advancing leadership in professional, continuing and online education — recognized the Career Accelerator program with the 2018 Outstanding Program: Noncredit Award, making it one of just nine programs to earn UPCEA’s highest honors this year.

The thing that matters most for us is to serve the student, but it really means a lot that an organization like UPCEA has recognized all of our hard work.

Paul Del Piero

“Leading innovative and impactful education is at the core of professional, continuing and online education,” said Michele Long, assistant dean of admissions and student services at University of Denver and chair of the UPCEA Association Awards Committee. “The exceptional submissions for this year’s awards demonstrate the remarkable contributions our members bring to higher education.”

It’s a privilege to be recognized among our peers for the contribution that Career Accelerator makes to continuing education. “The thing that matters most for us is to serve the student, but it really means a lot that an organization like UPCEA has recognized all of our hard work,” said Paul Del Piero, assistant director for UW International & Academic Programs.


In a matter of months, a talented group here at UW Continuum College took the idea of Career Accelerator and turned it into a reality — and continues to refine and develop the program today. (You can expect four additional certificates to join the Career Accelerator lineup later this year, in fact.)

The team, including instructional designers, course instructors and subject matter experts, coordinated to build program curriculum and all the tools students need to learn — lectures, videos, project assignments and more. They’re also keeping UW Continuum College’s commitment to quality by ensuring every certificate program delivers the same education, no matter which learning format the students choose.

“I’m very proud for what our team has done,” said Vice Provost Rovy Branon. “I think this [award] is just great external validation of the hard work our teams have put in over the last 18 months to make this program a reality for our students and students around the world.”

Special thanks to the core team who has been at the heart of this project: Sandra Janusch, Andy Hoover, Eliana Medina, Karen Haberfeld and Zena Bartusch. And thank you to the many others throughout the organization who have helped, and continue to support, this project.

Since 1912, University of Washington Continuum College has provided innovative learning paths that boost career success and inspire more meaningful lives. With a flexible approach to delivering the right programs for the right people at the right time, Continuum College provides over 50,000 students each year with a high-quality University of Washington education that’s relevant for today’s world and accessible to learners in Seattle and around the globe.